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December 04, 2010

Pepsi is giving away $1,300,000 in funding to ideas YOU vote on!

Pepsi is giving away $1,300,000 in funding to ideas YOU vote on! Why not help things that matter to You in Our area!? Here are two exciting projects and they could use your help! The top two vote getting projects each win $250,000.00 from Pepsi. 

1st: "A water cleansing "Treatment Train" into Grand Lake St Marys."  
Rank During Post: 17th!
"To fund the purchase and installation of a "treatment train" to be placed in a major lake tributary replicating a natural, cleansing wetland. A treatment train consists of a sediment collector that intercepts nutrient laden silt before it enters the lake; an aeration device that introduces dissolved oxygen into the entire water column; a floating wetland whose roots absorb nutrients suspended in the water and a rock pier that will direct the flow of water through these devices. The goal of the Commission to install a treatment train on every tributary entering the lake thus removing phosphorus and other detrimental nutrients that feed toxic blue green algae. To dredge the mouths of the incoming tributaries creating islands and removing nutrient laden silt already in the lake bottom."

2nd: "Build the first 100% accessible playground in Western Ohio" 
Rank During Post: 11th!
"The New Bremen-New Knoxville Rotary Sunshine Project is in the process of raising funds to build a handicapped/special needs accessible playground at Bremenfest Park in New Bremen.   As a part of the fundraising process, we've been approved eligible for a $250,000.00 Pepsi Refresh Grant."

You get 2 votes a DAY! Click on the topics above to go to the voting sites! You can vote via email (Pepsi account), text, or even Facebook! Voting ends Dec. 31! So hurry up and vote on both DAILY! 

December 03, 2010

Dime Wars!

Its getting close to Christmas again, which means time for dime wars; starting Monday the book store will be open during lunch. You can add change to your class but dimes are negative. All other change and bills are positive. Put dimes in other class jars to subtract from their total. The class with the most money at the end of the week wins. All money goes to help families in need during the Christmas Season.

November 29, 2010

Let it snow, let It snow, let it Snow..

As our Thanksgiving break ends we begin looking forward to the Holidays. With Christmas only 26 days away I have added falling snow and a count down to the website.