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January 27, 2011 - 21st Century Teaching Skills

Prezi, is the Zooming Presentation Editor. You know that thing that Microsoft wants you to buy called Power Point? Well this is the Online, Interactive, Free alternative. The free version does not allow you to make your content private, but teachers and students* using Prezi for Educational Purposes can get the Pro Version for free. So, what is Prezi? Prezi can be used to present projects, lessons, and tons more. It is all in the "cloud" and students can access from home. Here is an example from Mrs. Wenning:

To Sign Up for free today: [Prezi]

*Students must register with a teacher, or have an official school email address for the free Educator License.

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  1. I just did that last night! It was not hard at all either and a lot of fun to make. I am hoping the students will enjoy it more than just my boring lectures or even a PowerPoint!