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February 19, 2011

Flash Mob, Celina High School.

As if the Friday's pep assembly wasn't weird enough (with 3 newly shaved heads in the room) members of the Senior Class, with help from Spirit Squad, were part of a Flash Mob. Flash Mobs have been a huge hit on the interwebs and Celina's was great too. Heres a video of the assembly:

(Video of the "Shaved One's" is coming soon.)

---GOOD Video of OSU Flash Mob Here.

February 18, 2011

Leader Alert, School Monday.

Reminder: Celina Schools will be in session on Monday, February 21. This is a weather make-up day for the district.

February 14, 2011

Raise money for the Eichler's! Mr. Luebke will shave his head?

Attn Celina High Schoolers!: We want to raise money for the Eichler's since they lost their house to a fire this weekend. If we can raise $3000 by Friday, Mr. Luebke will shave his head at the assembly! Start spreading the word and getting that money in! Checks can be made to the Eichler's and dropped off in the office. Students will also be around during advisory Wednesday and Thursday to collect money. Thanks!

How many of you would like to see Mr. Luebke shave his head? If you answered yes, this is your dream come true. A family in need could really use some help because of a house fire this weekend. If CHS can raise $3,000 by this Thursday, Mr. Luebke will shave his head at Friday's assembly. Let's remember Rachel's Challenge and pass it on :) Let's do this!